Welcome to meet Africa Now and Softzone

We have just found a new cooperation partner, Softzone, that shares our values and passion for products from South Africa. So we want to celebrate that cooperation by inviting you to our showroom on Tuesday evening 17th of May between pm 5 to pm 8. Come and taste Softzones products and look at Africa Now South Africa interior decoration design and jewellery. You may also buy things from both Softzone and Africa Now on this occassion. You will find the way to our showroom at Södra Kungsvägen 65,. Lidingö by clicking on our map here

Softzone will show their products including chocolate, juices, marmelades and you will be able to taste it. In their range they also carry body lotions.

If you did not have a chance to visit us at our wine tasting in April, now it is a good chnce to try the Fair Trade wines from Sharabu and their producer Stellar Organics. Sommelier Pelle Odebrant was nice enough to leave a few bottles behind last time so we could use at other events.

So very welcome and visit us and please bring friends. Appreciae if you would let us know that you are coing before pm 1 on Monday 16th so we can plan accordingly. FREE Admission!

More information on Softzone you can read on their website www.softzone.se.

Logo Softzone

Here are some samples of what Softzone will have to offer on 17th.

Totallay wild aloe
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