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Africa Now uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a protocol for the secure transmission of data via the Internet or another network.  A protocol is a set of rules and procedures determining the format and transmission of information (data). The SSL protocol treats data in several different ways and “shifts” the information so that data can not be read during a transmission between two computers.  This “shift” is called encryption.  When the data reaches the receiver, SSL verifies that the sender is correct (server authentication), “returns” the data to its original readable order, and also checks that the data has not been changed during transmission (message integrity).



You can test that all the information sent by your browser is secure by reading the URL address line.  It should begin”https://.” Normal Internet traffic is transmitted through https://.


This website contains so-called cookies.  According to the law concerning electronic information, everyone who visits a website with cookies shall be informed that

  • The website contains cookies
  • What these cookies are used for
  • How cookies can be avoided

 What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which is stored in the user’s computer.  It enables a better website for users such as you and gives us statistics about the use of  The cookie does not contain any personal information.  It is completely harmless to the user. 

Different kinds of cookies

Africa Now uses a permanent cookie and a session cookie. The permanent cookie is used for visitor statistics by measuring the number of pages visited.  The session cookie is used to manage your choices on the home page such as when you put a product into the shopping cart.  It disappears when you close your browser.  Other cookies are saved for an extended time on your computer.

Accept cookies

You can choose yourself whether or not you want to accept cookies.  Most browsers are automatically programmed to accept cookies.  If you do not accept cookies, you will not be able to order our products. 

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