Zoggs Design

We are about creating original handcraft while following Fair Trade principles


Our mission is to produce individually hand-painted, functional items while providing skills and employment for Swazi Women and other craftspeople.

Who are we

Zoggs is a team of Swazi Women producing a large variety of unique and functional handcraft with an original surface pattern design. We ZOGGS IT!!!

Zoggs was created by Zoe Vivian in 2000 with the prupose of applying her textile background in a unique and original way by developing the “Zoggs Dot”. This is layers of brightly painted dots that are then detailed with fined black ink. There was a call for this playful and highly original surface pattern design and demand grew.

Zoggs is now a team of 9 Swazi women situated in the South of Swaziland and has the potential for further expansion. Zoggs provides these women with a skill and opportunity to support themselves in a male dominated society following fair trade principals. Zoggs supports 18 other local crafts people by assisting with design development, quality control and encouraging them

Zoggs lead in up-cycling and re-cycling materials.

Zoggs strives to produce individually unique items in a wide variety of materials ranging from metal ware, wood, paper mache, fabric and clay.  All Zoggs pieces are one of a kind, functional and personally signed by the designer.

The Zoggs team are exceedingly proud members of SWIFT Swaziland Fair Trade and it’s our ambition to grow providing more employment to Swazi women while adding a cheerful dash of the Zoggs Dot to your life. Zoggs Design is absolutely totally & utterly hand made in Swaziland just for you!

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